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Grant Application Opens: Species360 Member Sponsorship

Species360 is offering a new grant for Member Sponsorship for (5) species conservation projects. In 2019, the focus of this program is on supporting records management for in situ projects. The grant ensures that key conservation programs can use the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) software to record and protect their data every year.

Species360 members, including nearly 1,200 zoological and research institutions in 96 countries, curate the world’s largest set of wildlife data. Together, they foster collaboration and deliver insight to wildlife veterinary care and research, species rescue reintroduction programs, demographic and other conservation focused research, conservation breeding and genetic rescue programs, and more. 

Species360 works in partnership with global NGOs such as CITES, TRAFFIC, the IUCN SSC, and its members support conservation efforts around the world.  Many of these partnerships are led by the Species360 Conservation Science Alliance in Odense, Denmark.

To apply, please download the Species360 Member Sponsorship Application here.

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