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The Florida Aquarium releases 3,200 corals to help restore reef tract

Worldwide, Species360 members are leading efforts to sustain biodiversity. At The Florida Aquarium, breakthrough work with staghorn coral has led to the release this spring of 3,200 corals raised in nurseries. Planted by hand, each will help to repopulate a reef tract hit hard by wasting disease in recent years.

“…The Florida Aquarium’s efforts to save the imperiled Florida Reef Tract involves customized laboratories, innovative research and meticulous attention to detail. The Aquarium led a multi-agency conservation mission to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to “release” and distribute to underwater nurseries more than 3,000 healthy staghorn corals to aid the Reef Tract, which runs from Martin County to the Dry Tortugas.”

Read the full story at The Florida Aquarium blog.

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