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Ask Adrienne: Help for an Aquarium Manager

ZIMS for Aquatics notifies staff when water quality measurements are outside preset norms.

Ask Adrienne: Help for an Aquarium Manager

QUESTION: Our aquarists are awesome at recording the various water quality measurements they take daily on their tanks. They are all aware how important it is that these measurements be within certain parameters for the health of the occupants.

But, we have tried several approaches to notifying me when a reading is not within the desired range. With their busy schedules and mine, I don’t always get notified when I should. Can ZIMS help us?

Adrienne Miller is a member of the Species360 Training team.

ANSWER: Yes, ZIMS will notify you and your team when water measurements are not what you want them to be, for an enclosure, a life support system, a component. When a staff member records a water measurement in ZIMS, they will receive an instant warning if the reading is outside the parameters that you have set. In addition, ZIMS will email you directly about the undesirable measurement so you will be notified immediately.

The Measurement Range Template lets you set these parameters. You set the minimum and maximum measurements that you want for your tanks, life support systems and components.

Learn more at LearnZIMS: Measurement Range Template

Making a water change? ZIMS tracks that!

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