Saint Louis Zoo keeper, Becky Heisler, feeds enrichment produce to its black rhinos. (Photo courtesy of Saint Louis Zoo)

Species360 Member News / May 2020

From the Chairman: How Species360 is responding to Covid-19 crisis

A letter to Species360 members from Cheng Wen-Haur, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, provides an update on all that Species360 is doing to safeguard service levels and ensure financial health during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Saint Louis Zoo: Advanced Access Management (AAM) continues to deliver on its original investment

In the following article, Species360 member Saint Louis Zoo discusses key attributes of the ZIMS Advanced Access Management (AAM) feature, and its value in information governance during the pandemic. Over its 110-year history, the Saint Louis Zoo has maintained 

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ZIMS for Husbandry Roadmap: What’s already here, what lies ahead

Every month, Species360 rolls out new features and enhancements to ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics, ZIMS for Medical, and ZIMS for Studbooks. Here is look at this year’s releases, and what is ahead for ZIMS for Husbandry.

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UK Colleges Use ZIMS as part of Animal Care and Management programs

Canterbury College (UK) has joined Species360, and will use the educational platform LearnZIMS to support coursework in animal biology, animal science, and wildlife conservation.

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Live Streaming? Students learn how zoos and aquariums contribute to global species knowledge

Every day, your aquarists, keepers and veterinarians record information about the animals in their care. How much did they eat? Were they very active? Was a new baby born? As a member of the Species360 community, your institution shares that…

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Ask Adrienne: How many animals? How many species? Know how your institution impacts species knowledge.

As part of the global Species360 community, your teams contribute vital information on the animals in their care. That information is used by IUCN, CITES, and other conservation leaders, zoos, and aquariums worldwide to help improve the welfare of animals, advance medical treatments, and shape policies impacting species survival.

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Member News: Wellington Zoo breeds Goliath birdeater tarantulas

The zoo’s team leader of reptiles and invertebrates, Dave Laux, says that according to the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS), a global network of zoo records, no other zoo has recorded breeding the spiders in the past two decades.

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