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Species360 Members in the News

05Jan 22

Research Partner Program: Harvard University researchers look to ZIMS for essential data on species

Researchers at the Human Evolutionary Biology Department, Harvard University, have joined the Species360 Research Partner Program. As part of the program, the department’s Capellini Lab plans to use data from Species360's Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) to study connections between genotype (genetic makeup) and phenotype (observable characteristics) in mammals, including nonhuman primates and humans.
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01Nov 21

Member-versary: Celebrating 45 years of work with Rotterdam Zoo

Kudos and thanks to member Diergaarde Blijdorp / Rotterdam Zoo (Netherlands) as we celebrate your work and contributions over 45 years as a member of the Species360 and EAZA - the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria communities. Rotterdam Zoo experts record data on 28,950 animals of 1,897 species, including violet turacos hatched this fall.
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