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Species360 Members in the News

30Aug 20

ZSL London Zoo shares annual weigh-in via ZIMS

“By sharing information with other zoos and conservationists worldwide, we can all use this knowledge to better care for the species we’re striving to protect," said ZSL’s assistant curator of mammals, Teague Stubbington, in this ZSL feature, "A weighty matter."
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20Jul 20

Hospital and Mobile Veterinary Care: Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation joins Species360

"The Species360 membership ensures that all members of our veterinary team can easily and securely access information from any of their physical locations in Southern Thailand. ZIMS for Husbandry and ZIMS for Medical provide a great platform for keeping records of each elephant that we provide treatment for, including reference of test results." - Pattarawan Phumpanna, Veterinarian, Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation
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