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Species360 Members in the News

06Oct 20

Fort Worth Zoo joins Species360 as Research Partner

As a Research Partner, Fort Worth Zoo gains access to aggregated, anonymous data needed to better understand medical norms, animal care and welfare best practices, and more. These insights are made possible by Species360 members who curate and share data on the individual animals and collections in their care.
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26Sep 20

Advocating for Change: A Letter to Our Team

In the midst of historic challenges impacting not only our entire team but our member community worldwide, I want to take this opportunity to share insight to the values of our organization. These values reflect recent and long-standing discussions among our team, members, and with partners and associates and are worth revisiting. As a global non-profit focused on education and conservation, we believe that taking a stance is necessary. By speaking out about events, we make an impact for our team, our members, and our communities.
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