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ZIMS for Aquatics

Knowledge Management for Aquariums

Our original and recent members include many aquariums—those that stand alone and those where aquatic animals share the limelight with terrestrial ones. Aquarium professionals spend hours collecting and recording data, such as water quality trends, to support daily decision-making and scientific work. The ZIMS platform provides an online, real-time aquarium collection management software designed specifically to serve the needs of aquariums for animal management, research and conservation planning.

Aquariums that are serious about conservation and providing best-in-class care for their collection know that success depends on knowledge. Trusted by regulatory bodies, regional associations, and universities around the world, Species360 ZIMS provides the most extensive animal care knowledge-base available while still serving the unique needs of aquarium collection management.

New aquarium-centric functionalities are being built into ZIMS on an ongoing basis such as water quality/environmental recording; enclosures, tanks and life support systems; and volume calculations for water quality testing and drug prescriptions. For an overview of current features, check out the ZIMS for Aquatics tutorial.

Additional functionalities that are planned include stream-lined data entry, water quality reporting and conservation tools, group management enhancements and an integrated enclosure and life support module design.  Our aquatics features will be releasing continuously, and will offer resources using shared data that are unique to ZIMS’s global data capability.

Read the latest on ZIMS for Aquatics and download the ZIMS for Aquatics flyer to learn more about benefits for curators and managers, aquarists and veterinary staff.

(Newsletter) Saving the seas: Aquariums on a conservation mission.

Explore the tutorial:

  • Group Management
  • Individual Management
  • Enclosure Management
  • Life Support and Component Management
  • Water Quality
  • Collection Trips
  • Aquarist Daily Log
  • Reports
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