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ZIMS for Education

Teaching the world standard in animal records management
Are you a zoological sciences teacher or a zoo or aquarium professional overseeing animal management staff? In both cases, a LearnZIMS (Zoological Information Management System) educational license can make teaching the world-class husbandry and medical information application easier, relevant—and fear-free.

The educational version of ZIMS provides a teaching platform and practice database through which students can enter and manipulate their own data and access that of other educational institutions. Licensees also manage the ultimate disposition of their data with no involvement by Species360.

With LearnZIMS, teachers and zoo and aquarium professionals also have read-only access to the live ZIMS database, including:

  • Species holding
  • Population overview
  • Age pyramid
  • Pedigree explorer and taxonomic inconsistences
  • Weight comparison
  • Drug extracts on 4,000 species
  • Physiological reference ranges on 900 species

Institutions using LearnZIMS include:

There are dozens of Teaching Partners located internationally. Visit our program page to see the current list of organizations teaching globally relevant records management skills with LearnZIMS.

Discounts on LearnZIMS licenses are available to current ZIMS institutions.
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