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Species360 science team – transforming data into conservation action

Meet the experts on the Species360 science team who are leveraging the power of ZIMS data for conservation science and research. Our goal is to develop strategic research that explores and demonstrates the value of our members’ data.

Photo of Andrew Mooney


Andrew Mooney is a Ph.D. student and part of the Species360 Science team working at the Department of Zoology in the School of Natural Sciences at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), the University of Dublin, Ireland. He has an undergraduate degree from Trinity College Dublin in Zoology.

During his undergraduate research project, he investigated animal behaviour in relation to human-wildlife conflict in agricultural systems. His main topics of interests are zoo conservation biology, data analytics, and decision-making. He is currently investigating the composition, status, and diversity of global zoo and aquarium collections in order to help maximise the conservation potential of the worlds zoos and aquariums, both within their own walls and beyond. Other areas of his research include:

  • Understanding the role of globally shared records in filling knowledge gaps in zoo conservation biology;
  • Using ZIMS data to improve ex situ population management and sustainability;
  • Improving animal welfare with ZIMS data;
  • Understanding the role of societal attitudes and expectations in zoo conservation biology and zoo management.


He has an undergraduate degree in Zoology from Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Ireland.

Academic Appointments

PhD Student , Ph.D. fellow

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