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Species360 science team – transforming data into conservation action

Meet the experts on the Species360 science team who are leveraging the power of ZIMS data for conservation science and research. Our goal since day one is to develop strategic research that explores and demonstrates the value of our member’s data.

Photo of Dr. Lionel Jouvet

Dr. Lionel Jouvet

Research Scientist Species360
Skype: Website: ResearchGate profile page Website: University of Southern Denmark (SDU) profile page Website: Personal website


Dr. Lionel Jouvet has experiences in academic and commercial institutions and has worked with various techniques in the field of biology. As a researcher, he questioned the tools and problematic he encountered, which enabled him to develop new investigation methods such as flow cytometry, image analysis, and microfluidics. It also furthered his knowledge in his field (understanding of observed variability, easier and more accurate sampling, and in-vivo observations).

Specialties: Marine Biology, Flow Cytometry, Microfluidics, Microscopy, Image Analysis, Agronomy, Molecular Biology


He has a PhD in Marine Biology. 

Academic Appointments

Postdoc, Research Officer, Ph.D. Marine biology

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