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sea otter

Conservation is a complex challenge due to the inter-dependencies between species in an ecosystem. Monitoring the health of an indicator species like sea otters tells us a lot about about their health of their habitat. Learn how shared data is making a difference in conservation.


Pooled global medical resources are not only critical for conservation, they are also vital resources to help aquariums answer common questions and best manage the species in their care. Learn how shared data is helping to put veterinary teams and curators at the forefront of advanced animal care.


Aquariums and zoos that are serious about conservation and providing best-in-class care for their collection know that success depends on knowledge. Trusted by regulatory bodies, regional associations, and universities around the world, Species360 ZIMS is the best knowledge available while still serving the unique needs of aquatic collection management.

Coral reefs are among the most diverse ecosystems in nature, harboring 32 of the 34 known animal phyla, yet some scientists predict they could disappear by 2050. Aquariums are playing an important role in conservation and restoration of these “rainforests of the sea”.

Average annual number of fish released to the wild by Species360 members

  • Individuals
  • Groups

NOTES: Examples of individuals released include varieties of sharks, rays, sawfish, eel, catfish. Examples of groups released include varieties of salmon, seabream, perch, bass. Some varieties may have examples in both categories. (Source = Species360 ZIMS data Pisces animals released to the wild.)

In the past six years, Species360 members have released

2x more individuals &

13.4x more groups

into the wild than the first sixty years.

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