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Conservation Collaboration

As the viability of many species has become a race against time, collaboration–with the relevant knowledge–is often key to conservation success.


Habitat loss, exploitation, climate change and disease are looming as some of the largest threats to wildlife of our time. As wild populations continue to dwindle, zoos and aquariums are becoming the last refuges and a driving force for conservation. Conservation breeding and reintroduction have helped prevent the extinction of 6 out of 16 critically endangered bird species and 9 out of 13 mammal species, including species previously classified as Extinct in the Wild. The California condor, Potosi pupfish, black footed ferret, Wyoming toad, Arabian oryx and red wolf are a few of the species saved from extinction by captive breeding and reintroduction programs.


As our members, partners and other related organizations work to preserve wildlife gene banks, breed and reintroduce animals to their habitat, and manage critically endangered populations, Species360 ZIMS is a key element in the advancement of their conservation goals.

Learn more about how ZIMS data is being used in scientific research and in projects led by the Species360 science team.

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