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Informing Species Conservation Worldwide

Fundamental knowledge critical to predicting extinctions is missing for more than 98 percent of species. Conservationists racing to sustain biodiversity try to compensate by forming and working from broad assumptions that may or may not reflect reality.

The Species360 Conservation Science Alliance, led by Dr. Dalia Conde, Director of Science at Species360, bridges vast gaps in what we know about thousands of endangered species, by:

  • Collaborating with conservation leaders including IUCN Species Survival Program (SSP), CITES, Traffic, EDGE, and others to change outcomes for species assessed as endangered;
  • Working across multidisciplinary teams of population and data scientists, policy makers, conservationists, and others to derive insight from previously untapped global resources; and
  • Delivering open source research and results that help shape conservation strategy and save species from extinction.


Habitat loss, exploitation, climate change and disease are looming as some of the largest threats to wildlife of our time. As wild populations continue to dwindle, zoos and aquariums are becoming the last refuges and a driving force for conservation. Conservation breeding and reintroduction have helped prevent the extinction of 6 out of 16 critically endangered bird species and 9 out of 13 mammal species, including species previously classified as Extinct in the Wild. The California condor, Potosi pupfish, black footed ferret, Wyoming toad, Arabian oryx and red wolf are a few of the species saved from extinction by captive breeding and reintroduction programs.


Large zoos and aquariums are already conducting groundbreaking wildlife research and reintroduction programs, but they want to do more. Smaller institutions share similar conservation science goals but often lack the resources to carry them out. Regardless of size, there is strong interest in broadening research capabilities, strengthening access to data and best-practice data science, and taking a more global perspective in research.


Early progress on advancing conservation outcomes through data for species like turtles and pangolins is leading to exciting partnership opportunities. By joining CSA, you become part of a larger community of worldwide leaders in conservation and animal care research. Benefits include:

Public image & fundraising: impact is strengthened by clear alignment to global conservation community

Staff & stakeholder engagement: is fortified by pride in the conservation research contributions

Showcase your conservation advocacy through robust and transparent data science leveraging the following:

Species360 global data insights: the most comprehensive data set on species demographics and medical information in the world

Integrated biodiversity data insights: from 22+ other databases such as IUCN Red List and Protected Areas, GBIF, Barcode of Life, BioVel, MorphoBank, GenBank, Genome10K, EOL

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