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From our beginnings in 1974, Species360 has been an act of collaboration, founded on the belief that no matter how strong we are as individual zoological institutions and associations, together we are stronger.

The challenges confronting us are enormous: climate change, global warming, habitat loss, accelerated species extinction. The stakes have never been higher, and our members’ work has never been more important. On their behalf, neither has ours. We will continue to play an increasingly critical part in safeguarding the planet and those voiceless ones that live here.

We are confident that, with our members’ continued involvement, we will continue to meet these new challenges with the same resolve and shared determination that have brought us so far.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Species360’s sponsors have the opportunity to strengthen their brand presence, build brand equity and increase sales in key growth markets around the world. Sponsors will have their names linked to visible support for the community-wide 43-year initiative of Species360, and position themselves as a contributing partner – not a vendor – to the global zoological and aquarium community.

Sponsors see a significant return from their marketing dollars through advertisements to our zoological membership community. Value is achieved through daily access to our Executive Directors, Operations Directors, Registrars, Husbandry Managers, Curators and vets – who all have significant discretionary purchasing authority.  Current and past sponsors who have benefited from this program include: zoOceanarium Group, Mazuri Exotic Nutrition Company, vet products Lyon Technologies Inc., signage company iZone Imaging, zoo design company Studio Hanson Roberts, and zoo design Zoological Lighting Institute.

Highlighting our current sponsors, company websites are linked above and logos are featured proudly in the footer of the every page. Additionally, logos are featured on this partner’s page as well as inside the ZIMS application. The visibility of your sponsorship is guaranteed to reach more than 15,000 industry professionals in over 90 countries.

Funds from corporate sponsors are used to reduce member fees for institutions that might not be able to afford joining Species360 on their own. In 2016, 93 new members accepted our invitation to join.  Funds are also used for new products, including the recent ZIMS for Medical; and the currently under-development modules ZIMS for Aquariums and ZIMS for Studbooks. Funds are used to translate ZIMS into regional languages, such as Spanish, Russian and currently Japanese.

Knowing how important our sponsors are to both our members and organizations, we also encourage our members to procure material and services from our sponsors whenever possible.

For more information, contact Peter Donlon, our Director of Global Member Development.

Current Sponsors

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