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Species360 Webinars, Workshops, Open Office Hours, and More!

Tips & Tricks Webinars
October: No Webinar (see: conferences below)

November Topic: Getting Ready for Inventory Time!

With guest speaker: Brigid Randle
(Formerly Living Desert currently AZA Schools)

December: No Webinar (Holidays)
January 2021: Year in Review
Register Now!…have a question about ZIMS for Husbandry? Just getting started in ZIMS? Join us!

Hop onto an open call with our Training Team
to have your ZIMS for Husbandry questions answered. Anyone is welcome to stop by and all questions, feedback, and discussions are welcome!

ZIMS for Studbooks Overview Webinars
Topic: Overview Sessions Offered Monthly
Register Now! …just getting started with your book?
Join for a quick overview and get your questions answered!

This webinar is intended for Studbook managers/ keepers getting started with ZIMS for Studbooks in the coming months.

AAZV, EAZA & AZVT Webinars on ZIMS for Medical
Not Species360 Managed Events)
AAZV Registration

Open Office Hours
(Open to Species360 Members)

EAZA Website

AZVT Website
AAZV 2020 – Virtual Conference Wetlabs
Sunday, Sept 20
-2 hours for sample storage
-2 hours for test result upload

AAZV Virtual Booth/Open Office Hours
(Open to Species360 Members)
Tuesday, Sept 22 Eastern US Time
-11:10-11:55 |12:57-13:57|15:29-15:59
Wednesday, Sept 23 Eastern US Time
-11:10-11:55 | 12:27-13:27 |14:59-15:29
Thursday, Sept 24 Eastern US Time
-11:40-11:55 | 13:42-14:27 | 15:59-16:14

EAZA Sep-Oct 2020 – Virtual Conference Topics
-General ZIMS Updates

AZVT Oct 3rd 2020 – Virtual Conference
-Sample Storage Module

AZA, ZRA Virtual Conferences
Not Species360 Managed Events)
AZA Website

ZRA Website
AZA – Poster Sessions

ZRA – Panel w/ Species360 Product Owners & Interactive ZIMS Workshop with Species360’s Director of Science, Dr. Dalia Conde

Previously-recorded Webinars
Topics: ZIMS, Conservation Science Alliance and more!
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More coming soon! Watch here for updates, and send us your suggestions for Husbandry/Medical/Studbook webinar topics. Send to!

Regional Live Events

Association of Zoos & Aquariums Zoo School
AZA’s Zoo School
Annually Held
Institutional Records Keeping
Topic: Institutional Records Keeping offers students the theory and mechanics of animal records-keeping and identifies the important role accurate records play in successful animal management not only within the institution but also in regional and global cooperative species management programs.
AZA Zoo School
Various Dates
AZA Population Management I
Topic: Data Management and Processes: Population Management I: Data Management and Processing provides the fundamentals needed to maintain and manage population databases for zoo and aquarium Animal Programs.
AZA Zoo School
Various Dates
AZA Population Management II
Topic: Population Management II: Data Analysis and Breeding Recommendations teaches the integration of demography, genetics and husbandry to set population goals and make breeding recommendations for zoo and aquarium populations.
European Association of Zoos and Aquaria Academy
EAZA Academy
Various Dates
Introduction to EAZA Ex situ Programme Management
Topic: This course enables those coordinating the EEPs (European Endangered Species Programmes) and keepers of the ESBs(European Studbooks) to gain a deeper understanding of the genetics and demographics of breeding programmes.
EAZA Academy
Various Dates
EAZA Medical Records in ZIMS
Topic: This course will introduce the concepts and best practices for using the Medical module within ZIMS. It will cover both data entry and data retrieval.

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